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1. An illegal practice in which an investor with a long position on a security makes a buy order for that security and immediately cancels it without filling the order. Spoofing tends to increase the price of that security as other investors may then issue their own buy orders, which increases the appearance of demand. The first investor then closes his/her long position by selling the security at the new, higher price. Spoofing is a form of market manipulation. See also: Pump and dump.

2. The act of impersonating a person, usually over the Internet, with the intention of gaining access to another's personal or financial information. It is a means of identity theft.


Some market analysts maintain that the increased volatility in stock markets may be the result of an illegal practice known as spoofing, or phantom bids.

To spoof, traders who own shares of a certain stock place an anonymous buy order for a large number of shares of the stock through an electronic communications network (ECN). Then they cancel, or withdraw, the order seconds later.

As soon as the order is placed, however, the price jumps. That's because investors following the market closely enter their own orders to buy what seems to be a hot stock and drive up the price.

When the price rises, the spoofer sells shares at the higher price, and gets out of the market in that stock. Investors who bought what they thought was a hot stock may be left with a substantial loss if the price quickly drops back to its prespoof price.

Spoofing is a variant of the scam known as pump and dump.

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In addition to the call spoofing feature, SpoofTel has implemented multiple other features over the years.
Coincidentally, it was Shah Rukh who raked it in spoofing some of his own iconic scenes from the past in Chennai Express .
Business people gathered at the Dug Out bar at the Lord Nelson Hotel in Liverpool for the first-ever North West Spoofing Championship, sponsored by law firm Hillyer McKeown.
Domain spoofing is involved in half of all of today's spam.
Message Level Appliance -- can be deployed by any company wishing to eliminate Spoofing attacks aimed at their exposed consumer facing email accounts (e.
Biggest cheer at any screening is guaranteed in a scene spoofing the 8 Mile rapping contest, in which Pop Idol's Simon Cowell pops up to give his opinion and is promptly shot at by about everyone around him.
Spoofing has had only limited success so far, but the Industry defends it and other online trickery as a legal defense of music copyrights.
A long list of who's who in the Canadian entertainment world have agreed to play themselves on the series or take on some far-from-flattering roles: Road to Avonlea's Sarah Polley as the leader of the Spirentology Cult who's out to make some cash, spoofing the strong relationship between Scientology and the entertainment industry; Kiefer Sutherland as himself, trying to break in to TV producing; Maury Chaykin as an oversexed, wife--swapping children's entertainer; Trader's Bruce Gray as the penny-pincher at the helm of rival Prodigy Productions; Ann Medina as a journalist who does a scathing undercover report on Alan Roy; and Peter Gzowski, Gino Empry and Evan Soloman--all starring as themselves.
The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) is an industry association focused on eliminating the identity theft and fraud that result from the growing problem of phishing, email spoofing and crimeware.
confirmed that the current level of security is vulnerable to spoofing," he added.
Telecom and Yahoo can now confirm that an increase in spam activity experienced by some email users over the past few days is the result of email spoofing .