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For example, consider an impermissible split-interest trust with a single noncharitable life tenancy interest actuarially valued at $100,000 and a charitable remainder interest actuarially valued at $900,000.
A split-interest trust can be created by executing a will or a separate trust instrument.
528), the decedent's will created a split-interest trust, where the decedent's grandnephew and a charity for children were beneficiaries.
Under the trust terms, A is creating a split-interest trust, consisting of a life estate transferred to her mother and a remainder interest to her child.
A split-interest trust can be created by a will or in a separate trust instrument.
A charitable remainder annuity trust (CRAT) is a form of split-interest trust established between one or more donors and a trustee.
The operation of a split-interest trust typically involves one beneficiary-type (either charitable or non-charitable) receiving payments over a period of time, and then the other beneficiary-type receiving the remaining trust assets.
Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts; 3 1/2 months on Form 5500, Annual Return/Report of Employee Benefit Plan; and six months on Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax, Form 4720, Return of Certain Excise Taxes Under Chapters 41 and 42 of the Internal Revenue Code, Form 5227, Split-Interest Trust Information Return, Form 6069, Return of Excise Tax on Excess Contributions to Black Lung Benefit Trust Under Section 4953 and Computation of Section 192 Deduction, Form 8870, Information Return for Transfers Associated With Certain Personal Benefit Contracts, and Form 3520-A, Annual Information Return of a Foreign Trust With a U.S.
Form 5227, the Split-Interest Trust Information Return, is filed for trusts with both charitable and noncharitable beneficiaries.
* Form 5227 (Split-Interest Trust Information Return);
This split-interest trust is the vehicle that provides an income interest to a charity and a remainder interest (in the future) to non-charitable beneficiaries.
Split-Interest Trust This annual study provides information Information: on charitable remainder trusts, Lisa Rosenmerkel charitable lead trusts, and pooled income funds.