Split stock

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Split stock

(1) Purchases or sales shared with others. (2) Division of the outstanding shares of a corporation into a large number of shares. Ordinarily, splits must be proposed by directors and approved by shareholders.

Split Stock

1. A stock one owns with at least one other person. See also: Joint property.

2. See: Stock split.
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In India, SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) permitted stock splits in the year 1999 and a lot of companies have split stocks since then.
In India, empirical studies have shown that corporates split stocks to gain the attention of retail investors (i.
Hence, there are no clear guidelines for allowing companies to split stocks in India.
The question on why companies split stocks despite the fact that it is a cosmetic event has been researched and analysed from two broad perspectives.
A sample of companies which split stocks for the period January 2004 to October 2006 (19 companies) were identified.
George (2009) undertook a study of companies which have split stocks in India during the period 2004-2005.
The results have shown that Price of shares (5 days prior to stock split) and volume of trade are the factors influencing stock split decisions in Indian stock market, thereby indicating that companies with highly priced shares split stocks to increase volume of trade; thereby rejecting the hypothesis that stock splits signals improved future earnings of the companies.
The table shows that neglected firm and trading range are the major reasons for companies to split stocks in India.
This means the split stocks are free from any other announcement effects such as cash dividends, bonus issues, right issues etc.
A sizeable body of research indicates reverse split stocks don't perform well post-split, but there are some exceptions.
The Complete Data Support feature includes quarterly updates on compact disk to reduce historical End-of-Day (EOD) hard disk usage and to keep users current with reality split stocks.
Companies for which high share price is driven by performance will split stocks.