split order

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Split order

A large securities transaction that is divided into smaller orders that are spread out over some period of time to avoid large fluctuations in the market price.

Split Order

An order to buy or sell a security that, because of its size, is executed as two or more smaller orders. The order is split in order to reduce the pressure for a large price fluctuation that can occur when such orders occur. The exact size of a split order varies according to security. For example, a stock with relatively few shares outstanding will likely have a smaller threshold for a split order than others. Most of the time, split orders are made by institutional investors. Split orders are common among significant orders.

split order

A relatively large single order that is executed in two or more transactions to minimize its effect on the market price of the security being bought or sold.
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Railway Reserves The Right To Split Orders In Two Or More Parts If The Difference In The Rates Is Within 5 Percent To Ensure Brand Requirement And Timely Supply, Ref: Rly Boards Lr.
The firm also alleged that he had ordered expensive products because of his personal relationships with the companies he ordered from, and split orders to avoid getting authorisation from the general manager.
8 million yen because split orders were more expensive.
Other enhancements include a more flexible user interface, a new connection wizard, multiple tax, currency and delivery options, stock monitoring and support for split orders.
offers a scheduler in its Plastics Plus package that can split orders and overlap operations, according to president John Liebert.
Multiple Prime Broker Routing - Allows traders to split orders and route them to multiple brokers, and/or their trading algorithms.
Total quantity or scope: The benefits will be the subject of subsequent contracts to split orders.
there is a good market to split orders passed without minimum or maximum value and quantity concluded for an initial period from 01.
Tenders are invited for to split orders contract involves the following services: