split commission

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Split commission

A commission shared between a broker and a financial adviser or other professional who brought the customer to the broker.

Split Commission

A commission that two or more people share. For example, a broker may split a commission with a friend who introduced a client to the broker as a finder's fee. Alternatively, real estate agents may split the commission on a house if one represents the buyer and the other represents the seller.

split commission

A sales fee divided among two or more people.
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Facts: Bernard Turnoy was an insurance broker who entered into an agreement with lawyer and fellow insurance salesman David Shiner to equally split commissions on insurance policies covering Shiner's mother-in-law.
Instead of having to split commissions on a 50/50 basis with a brokerage firm and pay high costs for desk and administrative fees, Rutenberg agents are able to keep 100 percent of their commissions.
Users have the ability to split commissions, create tiers based on loan volumes and easily define simple and complex calculations, giving the user unprecedented capability to address the task at hand.
Even worse than offering to cross-refer clients is offering to split commissions.
The proliferation of insurance-selling professionals poses other challenges to team-building: knowing how and when to split commissions and, where necessary, encouraging colleagues to commit to full disclosure.
The Escend solution includes modules for lead management and distribution, opportunity and design-win tracking, order management and commission management including complex split commissions.
BATNET1 and the affinity groups split commissions on sales generated, while merchants benefit from the opportunity to reach potential new customers.