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According to Khalil, the bill does not include new taxes; it instead comprises reforms and spending control measures.
The objective of the project is to improve the efficiency of the State s fiscal management through the strengthening of the quality of the information and the simplification of steps in the registry for contributors, the establishment if the fiscal management based on results, and the improvement of quality and the flow of financial information for the spending control.
As freight rates continue their upward climb, shippers are realizing that they need to institute better spending control to ensure that their purchasing volume is being maximized, according to the report.
The Committee for Tax and Spending Control filed a lawsuit against Nevadans for Nevada, claiming that members used intimidating tactics to urge voters to sign their petitions instead of their opponents'.
Cocoa, gold, and timber still comprise three-quarters of exports, while private sector credit has reached 14 percent of output with increased public spending control.
In-depth reporting for budgeting and spending control.
Even worse: Managers rarely review spending control issues until after a problem occurs.
The lesson in a nutshell is: Tax limitation without serious spending control is not enough to stop the growth of government.
Although the city has been able to reduce general fund expenditures through significant layoffs and attrition, escalating overtime costs for public safety have hindered effective spending control.
Brown and the Legislature's Democratic leadership need to take up the cause of spending control as their own.
8 special election, has said his spending control measure is needed, in part, to prevent Democratic lawmakers and their union allies from approving the kind of growth in government expenditures that could ultimately lead to tax hikes, including a wholesale or partial overhaul of Proposition 13.
Ericsson would also supply a prepaid system to provide functionality such as real-time cost and spending control, the company added.