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Specialty Fund

A mutual fund or other fund that invests predominantly or exclusively in a single industry, sector, or region of the world. For example, a specialty fund may invest only in energy companies, or, even more narrowly, only in natural gas companies. Specialty funds perform well when their industries perform well, but they are risky because there is no attempt at diversification. See also: Country fund.

specialty fund

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It is a simple thesis to construct, and advisors who prefer to avoid this risk have ETF choices beyond broad market-cap-weighted funds in the form of specialty funds that use alternative or rules-based index weightings, funds that focus on themes or sectors, individual country funds and actively managed ETFs that are able to avoid potential trouble spots.
Like its five predecessor funds, Fund VI will continue TriGuard s multi-niche investment strategy in tertiary liquidity, consortia carve-outs and strips, specialty funds, small transactions, seasoned tail-ends and fund manager liquidity.
Past research suggests that specialty funds in particular are better at selecting stocks and, as a result, outperform non-specialty mutual funds when controlling for style factors and risk measures.
This art investment house with $100 million under management offers a fine arts fund and various geographic specialty funds focusing on Chinese, Indian, and Middle Eastern art.
Raise sufficient funds to enable our aggressive drilling program to be maintained into 2012, with at least some of the funds coming from one or more respected resource specialty funds.
In addition to his nine steps Eberhart provides a chapter on learning before investing which includes topics on the basic classification of funds the most frequently seen funds specialty funds of various kinds a comparison of different funds an example of his own fund management process and a note about arbitration.
Indeed, the SBA has a rich history supporting specialty funds, such as the New Markets Venture Capital program I've been managing for the past five years.
So the development of specialty funds for an industry that has been set as a national-priority growth area seems a natural extension of that process.
31, 2005, approximately 78% of the variable life separate account assets were in stock funds; 9%, bond funds; 4%, money market funds; 6%, balanced funds; and 3%, specialty funds.
The losers in the specialty funds category were clearly precious metals (typically gold funds), which have been disastrous for investors since 1993; the first half of 2000 was no exception.
For example, you can build your growth portion with different kinds of stock funds such as international funds or specialty funds like those that invest in biotechnology or in small company stocks.
Huntington Asset Advisors also advises 24 mutual funds that make up the Huntington Funds, including equity, fixed income, money market, asset allocation and specialty funds.

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