specialist's book

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Specialist's book

Chronological record maintained by a specialist that includes the specialist's own inventory of securities, market orders to sell short, and limit orders and stop orders that other stock exchange members have placed with the specialist.

Specialist's Book

A list of all long and short positions that a specialist holds. The book also contains all orders by other member firms on an exchange that the specialist may be able to fill. It is also called simply a book. See also: New York Stock Exchange Display Book.

specialist's book

See book.
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Events included providing specialist books about roads, public transport and sustainability to several university libraries, and supporting the 10th Emirates Airline Festival of Literature launched this month through deploying buses to commute guests comprising top global writers and authors.
20 February 2018 - UK-based specialist books distributor Connect Group plc (LSE: CNCT) has agreed revised terms and completed the disposal of its Books division to the listed pan-European mid-market investor Aurelius Equity Opportunities SE and Co.
Made up of more than 15,000 books, the library includes specialist books and monographs on Islamic Art, art reference books, museum collection and exhibition catalogues, and scholarly periodicals on art, including auction catalogues.
The videos cover various topics such as: Singalong with Julia Donaldson--a range of YouTubes that would delight any young fan of her books; What The Ladybird Heard featuring the song, book trailer and a Q&A session; Meet Our Authors with interviews, tips about illustrating and extracts from books; Campbell specialist books for babies and toddlers highlighting specific books as well as ways to talk to babies; and Tony Robinson's Weird World of Wonders.
30am to 8pm; Thursday and Saturday, from 12pm to 8pm -- it is closed on Tuesday and Friday -- the Library features specialist books and monographs on Islamic art, art reference books, museum collection and exhibition catalogues, and scholarly periodicals on art including auction catalogues.
The Toffee Factory will host a selling exhibition by NewBridge Books which specialises in rare or specialist books and independent magazines.
However, he said that he sells rare specialist books which are not available on the streets and that enables him to turn a profit.
Libraries are not just about specialist books and would close in an instant if that was all they offered.
Blackwell's, a UK retailer of academic, professional and specialist books, will carry NOOK digital products across an estate which serves 55 universities and major high streets nationwide.
Uma June 24, 2012 (JUBA) - The European Union (EU) on Friday announced the donation of over 80 specialist books, covering a wide range of human rights issues, to South Sudan Human Rights Commission (SSHRC).
A SOME collectors of angling equipment just seek reels and rods, while others look for the specialist books and trophies.

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