Limited partner

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Limited partner

A partner who has limited legal liability for the obligations of the partnership.

Limited Partner

In a company, one who shares with at least one other partner, jointly and severally, a business' ownership. Limited partners exist in limited partnerships and limited liability partnerships, but in both situations they are only liable for the capital they have invested in case of bankruptcy. In limited partnerships, the limited partners have no management authority and confine their participation to their capital investment. In limited liability partnerships, all partners are limited and therefore at least some have management authority. Profits are divided among limited partners according to an arrangement formed at the creation of the partnership.

Limited partner.

A limited partner is a member of a partnership whose only financial risk is the amount he or she has invested.

In contrast, all the assets of the general partner or partners, including those held outside the partnership, could be vulnerable to claims brought by the partnership's creditors.

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The USA is the partner country of the German fair this year, which means that American manufacturers' stands will be highlighted, American products will be featured in a special Partner Country presentation, and American companies will have the opportunity to promote what makes them special.
Burkhalter said that Switzerland is considering Georgia as a special partner.
Marcio Barbosa, chief executive officer of Education Above All, said: "Qatar Airways is a special partner, a leading Qatari company supporting a Qatar-based international NGO.
Special partner and friend to Gwen, and good friend to many.
Al Hammadi added that the memorandum comes from the desire of both parties in promoting cooperation frameworks in the public sector, indicating that the memorandum contains several points like the provision of technical support and preparation of training courses in areas related to the field of geographic information as well as considering CIO special partner in the region in addition to supporting the organisation in a number of programmes, particularly training programmes and enhancing technical capacity.
A special partner was needed to provide a special solution.
In his words, Georgia is NATO's special partner, which is willing to become a member of the Alliance.
18 new partners (primarily VARs) joined the fold, 60 consultants were trained under SAP's special partner program, and 400 partner employees across 81 organisations were trained on key solutions.
Medvedev stressed that Serbia is a privileged and special partner, and added that the traditional friendship between the two countries should be improved and that the partnership should be efficient.
With love from your daughter Leanne, mother Martha, special partner John and family.
008GHz effective memory clock), or feature any special partner customization of note - hopefully, street prices will be much, much lower.
The Iraqi aspect of his policy seems to be based on drawing Iraq towards the United States as a special partner and ally, which would remove it from under Iran's wing, thus weakening such a wing and leading to its erosion.

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