Special Meeting

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Special Meeting

Refers to a meeting of shareholders outside the usual annual general meeting. In the context of corporate governance, some limitations either increase the level of shareholder support required to call a special meeting beyond that specified by state law or eliminate the ability to call one entirely. Such provisions add an extra time delay to many proxy fights, since bidders must wait until the regularly scheduled annual meeting to replace board members or dismantle takeover defenses.

Extraordinary General Meeting

Any shareholders meeting other than the annual general meeting. Extraordinary general meetings are usually called to deal with an urgent matter, such as the replacement of an executive or perhaps some legal trouble with the company. Any decision that shareholders must make but cannot wait until the next annual general meeting is made at an EGM.
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Much of the special meeting will be public, including requests for a comprehensive financial audit of the quasi-public agency, encompassing all of its expenditures and revenues, as well as a review of the EIDC's bylaws, policies and procedures.

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