special bid

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Special bid

A method of purchasing a large block of stock on the NYSE by advertising a client's large buy order, and matching it up with a number of other traders' smaller sell orders.

Special Bid

A situation in which a member of the NYSE seeks to fill an order to buy a large number of shares by finding a series of smaller orders to sell the same shares. See also: Block trade.

special bid

A bid by an exchange member to fill an order to buy a block of a security. The member generally must find a number of sellers to accrue the required amount of the security.
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The financial proposal of the Light Rail Manila Consortium has been opened by the Transportation Department s special bids and awards committee, the single bidder that presented technical and financial plans for the project.
The unbeaten Direct Access makes his fencing bow in the D A Harrison Novices' Chase, while Sumthyne Special bids to repeat his course-and-distance win in the Bowness Novices' Hurdle.
As director of strategic marketing for Oracle Canada, he managed the Big Six relationships, designed pricing, contracts, sales territories, sales force structures, compensation plans, special bids and marketing initiatives.
Resellers who bill more than $5,000 are eligible for special bids.
It has been declared by the Defense Undersecretary for finance, munitions, installations and materiel Fernando Manalo, who chairs the DND s Special Bids and Awards Committee 1 that the opening of the public bidding for the aircraft.
IBM will begin accepting special bids on the ThinkPad today and delivering the systems in July.
The [Smartmatic] machines were tested four times and in all those times, the accuracy rating was 100 percent," said Ferdinand Rafanan, COMELEC's Special Bids and Awards Committee Chairman.
DOTC Undersecretary Jose Perpetuo Lotilla, Chairperson of the Special Bids and Awards Committee, reminded the bidders that the financial bids are still subject to continuing evaluation before the Notice of Award is issued.
With this enhancement, Business Partners can now view all xSeries special bids, part qualification, and effective dates in one central location, and search for current or historical special bid information using field queries such as customer name, special bid number, date or part number.
The Department official has further said that the special bids and awards committee of the agency has a 20-day phase to assess the technical proposals tendered by the seven groups, prior to the financial bid opening process.
Next, the reseller attends a Support Net-funded two-day course held in Indianapolis, where resellers learn about the IBM eServer brands and sales strategy, as well as how to work with Arrow on order placement, tech support, special bids, marketing and financing options.
On the basis of the evaluation of the special bids and awards committee, DMCI secured the power supply contract, said, Omeco board president Audel Arago.

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