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Special Agent

An agent authorized to perform a single transaction on behalf of a client. The special agent's authority and responsibilities are terminated at the conclusion of this transaction. For example, a real estate agent is usually a special agent. Once the client buys or sells a property, the special agent ceases to have a legal relationship with that client.

special agent

Someone employed to represent another person—the principal—in a clearly defined and limited activity.A real estate broker hired to sell a property is a special agent.

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548 pages in length, Taking Up the Sword: A Story of a Special Agent in the Diplomatic Security Service is being aggressively promoted to appropriate markets with a focus on the adventurers and explorers autobiography category.
Contact: Special Agent Christian Hoffman, PIO Office: (818) 265-2507 June 28, 2012 Cell: (213) 216-3622 christian.
The couple said the officials and special agents have become like family.
James Podolak, Special Agent Chowaniec "is an excellent example of an [MPFU] special agent who vigorously pursues investigations.
Each of these organizations performs a vital function for CID, as well as providing the Army and DOD with personnel who possess the critical investigative skills unique to CID special agents.
The company sent a message to the Dallas FIG on the ERN, and, within 10 minutes, a special agent responded with a telephone call to the company to obtain more information.
It is against the law to dissuade anyone from talking with special agents investigating a case or to tell them what to say [18 U.
For example, President Bush announced the creation of the Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, the Securities and Exchange Commission vowed to step up enforcement and the IRS's Criminal Investigation Division (CID) opened 500 new special agent positions in March 2004.
Indeed, the FBI is actively recruiting CPAs as special agents and as analysts.
Suazo, who was the FWS special agent to investigate the case, says, "Moonlake is a shot heard around the nation.
Last July after the bulldozing incident, and under the local banner of the Nevada Plan for Public Lands, Commissioner Carver filed criminal charges against a Forest Service law-enforcement special agent who, with an agency district ranger, had come to protect a nearby slice of the Toiyabe Forest where Carver was preparing to open a closed road.
Special agents for the State Department's Bureau of Diplomatic Security protect visiting dignitaries.

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