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Special Agent

An agent authorized to perform a single transaction on behalf of a client. The special agent's authority and responsibilities are terminated at the conclusion of this transaction. For example, a real estate agent is usually a special agent. Once the client buys or sells a property, the special agent ceases to have a legal relationship with that client.
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special agent

Someone employed to represent another person—the principal—in a clearly defined and limited activity.A real estate broker hired to sell a property is a special agent.

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Special agents with the Department of Insurance's Criminal Investigations Division, along with Division of Motor Vehicles officers and Forsyth County sheriff's deputies, arrested Harris on May 7.
last night, special agents transferred the suspect to the detention room onboard Hsun Hu No.
With decreased resources and the hybrid threat (2), the Army requires CI special agents to perform basic CI functions proficiently, communicate effectively, and think critically about the enemy.
The couple said the officials and special agents have become like family.
James Podolak, Special Agent Chowaniec "is an excellent example of an [MPFU] special agent who vigorously pursues investigations." But, humbled by the recognition, Chowaniec credits the success to her fellow investigators, stating that the "investigations were truly team efforts" and explaining that "the end result was very rewarding."
Each of these organizations performs a vital function for CID, as well as providing the Army and DOD with personnel who possess the critical investigative skills unique to CID special agents. CID investigations are routinely, and successfully, prosecuted in military and federal judicial forums, as well as in state courts and foreign judicial venues across the globe.
The company sent a message to the Dallas FIG on the ERN, and, within 10 minutes, a special agent responded with a telephone call to the company to obtain more information.
If you are approached and questioned by special agents, you should ask them for their business cards and politely state that you do not want to answer any questions and that your attorney will contact them.
FBI Special Agent in Charge Gregory Jones said that 10 individuals, including three top aides to Campbell, have already been convicted or pleaded guilty as the result of a five-year investigation that turned up "numerous allegations of corruption, bribery, tax fraud, perjury, obstruction of justice, and illegal campaign contributions."
By participating, the faculty was given a chance to talk with special agents and learn specifically about recent overall changes in the field.
Additional controls limit who can work with such so-called special agents, as well as what may be published about the research.

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