public debt

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Public debt

Issues of debt by governments to compensate for a lack of tax revenues.

Public Debt

The total of all bonds and other debt owed by a government. Most of the time, the national debt comes from bonds and other debt securities, but some countries in the developing world borrow directly from international institutions (such as the World Bank). The national debt may be internal, that is, owed to bondholders and banks within the country, or external, that is, owed to foreign governments, institutions, and/or individuals. In the United States, paying the interest on the national debt is a major part of the federal budget. See also: Deficit.

public debt

the NATIONAL DEBT and other miscellaneous debt for which the government is ultimately accountable. Such debt includes, for example, the accumulated debts of nationalized industries and local authorities.
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The resolution aims to improve sovereign debt restructuring processes and to avoid lengthy litigation like the one currently being faced by Argentina in American courts.
Although entered in the BetBright Lincoln, Mindurownbusiness is more likely to head to Lingfield on Good Friday, when he could again cross swords with Sovereign Debt.
Perhaps more ominously, Moody's announced in February 2012 that the credit ratings of 114 financial institutions in 16 European nations were on review for possible downgrades, citing the sovereign debt crisis of the eurozone as a primary reason for the possible downgrades.
Last week the island's largest lender, Bank of Cyprus, announced a e1/41 billion loss for 2011 after taking a 60 percent writedown on Greek sovereign debt.
In New York overnight, the euro gained on receding concerns over Europe's sovereign debt crisis after Greece said the country's political leaders agreed on austerity measures needed to receive a second international bailout, rising to a two-month high of 103.
Draghi said there were still substantial downside risks to the economy from the sovereign debt crisis engulfing much of the euro zone periphery.
Global demand for non-tech products dipped in the second half of 2011, fueled by rising sovereign debt concerns and an uncertain global economic outlook.
On August 5, 2011, Standard & Poor's downgraded the credit rating of the United States's long-term sovereign debt from AAA (the highest rating) to AA+ (the next-highest rating).
18 (BNA) The annual report of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) anticipated that financial austerity programs all over Europe in addition to sovereign debt crisis are causes which could increase chances of global economy entering into an undesirable spell of new recession.
These days it seems it is just a matter of time until we hear about the next euro zone country whose interest rates on sovereign debt will start soaring.
As we approach 2012, markets are grappling with a confusing global economic climate, in which Europe a still struggling to find a way to manage its astronomical sovereign debt - seems to be heading towards
IN the midst of the most significant financial crisis for decades and the growing number of sovereign debt concerns around the world, the spotlight is on public financial management and financial reporting like never before.