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1. A formal request. Generally, one must fill out an application form as part of the application process.

2. See: Application Program.
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A request for a loan that includes the information about the potential borrower, the property and the requested loan that the solicited lender needs to make a decision.

In a narrower sense, the application refers to a standardized application form called the “1003” which the borrower is obliged to fill out.

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However, business executives see challenges in creating custom software applications, including:
New York, NY, January 21, 2016 --( Believed to be a phase of lesser importance in the life-cycle of software development, the maintenance of software applications is a task easier said than done.
The software application, embedded inside the Subscriber Identification Module (SIM), allows users to easily access core Facebook features from the phone's main screen through an interactive menu.
Fortify SCA helps security, testing and development teams pinpoint and eliminate security vulnerabilities in software applications. Fortify's patent-pending technology delivers the most accurate and reliable results with low false positives.
Transforming the superior software applications developed by the open source community into user-friendly tools is one of SpaceTag's main commitments.
The process standards are actually a set of evolving XML standards: SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), for packaging messages from one software application to another, WSDL (Web Services Description Language), for describing the web services processes in terms a software application can understand; and UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration), for describing how to find and use an available web service.
If a soldier, NCO or officer has developed a specialized Windows 9B or above military software application, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint template or something similar, we highly encourage them to submit it to the Fort Leavenworth CGSC Tools and Utilities Army Community KCC and share their software tool with everyone else in the Army.
SGS Technology Corporation is also engaged in the offsite development, design and creation of customized software application for Japanese companies.
This means data is delivered from one software application directly into another.
Integration of collaboration into the work process also encourages a view that reaches beyond a single software application or document.
The average operator doesn't see it so much as an expert system as just another software application that's a little smarter than the average software application, a little more functional."
An intelligent software application that delivers all the specific functionality and control the industry needs and enables paper manufacturers to meet the challenges of ever-changing markets.

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