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Initially, it appeared as if strategy would be crucial, with the top six on the grid starting on the faster soft Pirelli tyre, whilst the five cars behind were on mediums.
It was not helped by Pirelli's choice of the soft tyre for this event as one of their two compounds as the rubber rapidly degraded, lasting for no more than three or four laps.
Finally, if like Kim Cattrall, Kate Winslet or Beyonce you have highlighted hair and soft muted eyes, your emerald will need to be less sparkly and more muted so that it does not take the shine off you.
The answer was that he couldn't, but a superbly timed stop on the 37th lap saw him take a set of fresh softs and drop only to fourth, crucially keeping ahead of a frenetic battle between Grosjean (who had been hit early on by Rosberg), Paul di Resta (who had been involved in a first-corner collision with Force India team mate Nico Hulkenberg and Senna), a recovering Perez and Webber.
The top three all selected two-stop strategies, with Hamilton doing one stint on the softs and two on the mediums, whereas the Lotus drivers both did two stints on the soft and one on the medium.
Grosjean held on to third ahead of Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel, who made a third pitstop and charged back to attack the Lotus on fresh softs - but to no avail.
With: Luis Carlos Guevara, Andres Murillo, James Softs, Veronica Castellanos.
Trust Securities said its agro services are set to expand into conventional as well as exotic agricultural commodities over the course of the year to create a 'one-stop-shop' for physical agricultural trading such as, grains (corn, wheat, Rice), softs (sugar, coffee, cocoa) and soybean complex.
Homady offers 400-grain DGS and DGX (solids and softs) at 2,415 fps.
With Pirelli set to supply their softs and super-softs to Montreal this weekend, it will be interesting to note if the change will bear any significant outcome on the performance of the two cars, and if they will be able to mount a significant challenge on Vettel and Red Bull for the first time this season.
The tyre is two-and-a-half seconds slower per lap than the soft rubber, so it was a question of which drivers would gamble on not using the softs in Q1.