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Its country scores are composed of six metrics: two are long-standing hard metrics (per capita GDP and healthy life expectancy); the other four are soft metrics of the social fabric (individual opportunity, social support, generosity, and trust in business and government).
Reach, Likes, and Shares: This soft metrics of social lets you know you are keeping your audience engaged.
Usually, there are two turbo decoders that exchange the generated soft metrics between each other.
It would be convenient -- a relief, even -- to let things slip away and stay in the comfort zone of soft metrics.
Yet just as we have learned in battle, these are the soft metrics that ultimately win battles and saves lives.
The growth of the Internet and the increased acceptance of web-based collaboration services have introduced a number of hard and soft metrics that companies consider when establishing overall cost and determining ROI/ROO.
By correlating both hard and soft metrics, managers can identify which agents are best at meeting quantitative goals and providing superior customer service at the same time.
Cutting Edge Information's data show that 26% of surveyed companies strictly use financial ROI on 22% of companies only use soft metrics.
Approximately half of surveyed drug manufacturers measure soft metrics to judge the value of their medical publication teams, according to a recent benchmarking study by Cutting Edge Information.
Soft metrics, however, help 48% of companies uncover publications teams' true success and impact.
Design a comprehensive performance measurement program that combines hard and soft metrics to build a compelling value mix for all stakeholders.