ethical investing

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Ethical Investing

Any investment philosophy that recommends investment decisions based upon a decision's ethical implications for individuals and companies. For example, an individual may have a moral objection to smoking, and therefore refrain from investing in tobacco companies. Ethical investing may be both positive and negative; that is, it may inform where an individual makes investments (e.g. in environmentally friendly companies) and where he/she does not make investments (e.g. in arms manufacturers). Some mutual funds, and even whole subdivisions of companies, are dedicated to promoting ethical investing. See also: Green fund, Islamic finance.

ethical investing

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2) Socially responsible investing (SRI):An investment approach that, in addition to conventional investment criteria based on financial metrics, places emphasis on a company's CSR activities, its contributions in the areas of the environment and society, and its record of corporate governance.
There are websites you can visit to find out more information on socially responsible investing.
The number of religious mutual funds, one of the subgroups under the socially responsible investing umbrella, has more than doubled in the past three years, from 34 in 1999 to 75 now, compared with more than 7,000 mutual funds operating in the United States, according to an analysis by Thomson Financial's Wealth Management Group.
With socially responsible investing gaining mainstream approval, more investors are considering how a well-chosen SRI fund might enhance their portfolio returns
In the United States, socially responsible investing is a growth industry.
This points out some of the difficulty in socially responsible investing.
The Wall Street Transcript has just published its Socially Responsible Investing and Investing Strategies Report, a report offering a timely review of the sector to serious investors and industry executives.
The move marks the firm's commitment to supporting asset managers who follow socially responsible investing practices.
Market data show that socially responsible investing can earn a "triple bottom line"--meaning it is not only profitable for your bank account, but for people and the environment as well.

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