Socially responsible fund

Ethical Fund

A mutual fund in which the asset managers make investment decisions based upon some ethical code. An ethical fund is marketed to investors who may have moral objections to certain investment vehicles or companies. For example, an individual may have a moral objection to smoking and may therefore buy shares in a mutual fund that refrains from investing in tobacco companies. Ethical funds may have positive or negative guidelines; that is, a fund's ethics may inform where it makes investments (e.g. in environmentally friendly companies) and where it does not (e.g. in arms manufacturers). See also: Green fund, Islamic finance.
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Socially responsible fund.

When socially responsible mutual funds, also known as green funds or conscience funds, select securities to meet their investment goals, the securities must also satisfy the fund's commitment to certain principles spelled out in the fund's prospectus.

For example, a socially responsible fund might not buy shares of a manufacturing company that operates factories that fund managers consider sweatshops. Or the fund might not buy shares of a food company that sells out-of-date products in emerging markets.

Since the priorities of these funds vary, you may need to do some investigating to find one that matches your values.

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The preamble also clarified that the analysis set out in IB 15-01 would apply to the designation of a socially responsible fund in a defined contribution (DC) plan's investment lineup, as well as the selection of an investment manager that may, itself, invest with ESG criteria in mind.
Alternatively, you could invest in a socially responsible fund or model portfolio that has been designed for a group or category of investors.
(ABD506) Environmental & Socially Responsible Fund Investing - William Marvel - Baldwin Brothers, Inc..
Each socially responsible fund determines its own particular focus and criteria for investment.
FHA: Yes you can, by investing in an Ethical or Socially Responsible fund. Several providers offer these funds, but check first to see what the funds does and does not invest in.
So we increased eased the choices--we now have five asset classes, plus a socially responsible fund. We did blended funds for people who want to just plug and play, and for those who wanted to design their own, you can pick from these [nine mutual] funds and, do a mixture that fits your own risk profile and grant-making history.
A YES, you can by investing in an ethical or socially responsible fund. Several investment providers run such funds, including some friendly societies, so take advice to choose which fund suits you.
For instance, the Dreyfus Socially Responsible Fund avoids campanies that promote such social vices as smoking, drinking and gambling.
So you're not really giving up a lot of performance when you invest in a socially responsible fund.
Granted, there is no clean or pure investment, social or otherwise, but that doesn't keep socially responsible fund managers from canvassing the business practices of their holdings.
Socially Responsible Fund: a fund that avoids companies that invest in South Africa, manufacture arms or do harm to the environment.
"Appetite for socially responsible funds is increasing, as is the number of people turning away from meat, he says, pointing to a report from GlobalData showing a 600% increase in vegans in the U.S.

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