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What accounts for the unparalleled growth of social networking site membership?
Two out of five (42 percent) are very or extremely concerned about data leakage through social networking sites
Nurses have also been in trouble for crossing the boundaries on social networking sites between themselves and a patient.
The committee also cautioned that the opinion should not be interpreted to mean that judges are prohibited from identifying any person as a "friend" on social networking sites.
Teens communicate with each other within social networking sites by posting comments on each other's page, wall, or picture, sending instant messages, or sending text messages (Lenhart et al., 2010).
The 'R' value (.827a) showing that there is a positive correlation between the Independent Variable, Social Networking Site and the Dependent Variable Attitude.
On average, Americans spend 7.6 hours using social networking sites, such as Facebook, every month.
Keywords: Social networking sites (SNS), consumer decision making, and social media marketing
The role of attachment style in building social capital from a social networking site: the interplay of anxiety and avoidance.
Of the total 200 participants, 126 (63%) students engage themselves in social networking sites any time, while 22(11%) students, 38(19%) students, and 14 (7%) students engage themselves during college hours, late evening, and late night, respectively.
Hi5 was launched in 2003 as a social networking site and was heralded as one of the top three social sites in 2008.
Although, there are tens of social networking sites in existence at present, the description of Ello about itself, along with its motto, ominously looms over one social networking site in particular - Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook.