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A situation in which a stock or other security that has dropped in price over a given period. For example, if a stock opens at $5 and closes at $4.45, it is said to have declined for that trading day.


A decrease in the price of a security.
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Port Sunlight - tomorrow, 11am-4pm, free News THEATRE We are The Multitude This drama/comedy about politics, isolation, social decline - and irritating colleagues - comes to the Lantern Theatre in Blundell Street as part of the Shiny New Festival which runs until Sunday.
The model is a holistic system of care, including the medical, social, labor and economic, empowering people with competence DO enough to be able to actively repay debts, work and retain employment without causing a deterioration of their health and social decline.
The Irish, while remaining in the area, had experienced social decline.
Among 169 patients in the NAPLS 2 cohort who have completed 2 years of follow-up, those who had a social decline of 2 or more points on the GAF scale were significantly more likely to convert to psychosis than were patients with a decline of less than 2 (P = .
Muslims around the world are suffering from intellectual, educational, economic and social decline and the main reason behind, is diversion from the Islamic principles.
In so doing, he underscores how both the spaces and peoples of London have been stigmatised by discourses of material degradation and social decline, inextricably tying them together through reference to base conditions and social and spatial disorder.
Decline and sin are located in the context of creation, fall, and original and personal sin, but then are understood more richly in terms of Lonergan's (arguably permanently) valid treatment of bias, where shorter and longer cycles of social decline in human history are rooted.
I specialise in poverty and social exclusion and can easily recognise indications of social decline.
He continued, "Setting fiscal policies on signals from international economic institutes and promoting corrupt political culture had been major causes of Pakistan's social decline.
To hide their social decline they projected that their religion was in danger.
Is it down to low aspirations engendered by years of social decline in some parts of the county?

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