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A situation in which a stock or other security that has dropped in price over a given period. For example, if a stock opens at $5 and closes at $4.45, it is said to have declined for that trading day.


A decrease in the price of a security.
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But, from the Cuban perspective, it is the capitalist countries that have something to hide, since GDP does not reveal important indicators of social decline such as maldistribution of wealth, restricted access to health care, poverty levels, or the cost of crime and corruption.
Abley's travels and interviews start in Australia, arguably the country with the most extremely endangered languages in the world, where he encounters the social decline of speakers of Tiwi, who now live in towns and are losing cultural cohesiveness.
Individual and collective responsibility for world affairs, then, implies the possibility of either social progress or social decline, of either developments or breakdowns in the human good.
The authors' hesitation in addressing the core political causes of social decline in Kenya seriously undercuts the contribution of this otherwise promising work, as does the book's tendency to choose straightforward description over analysis.
Dependency and passivity kills people and is the surest road to social decline.
The novel Das Flustern der Engel (The Whispering of Angels), Yekaterina's first major work to appear in Western Europe, portrays the social decline and lawlessness which has spread to numerous Russian communities since the demise of the Soviet Union.
Her discussion of the social decline of free blacks in the antebellum North in the beginnings of the market revolution and subsequent influx of European immigration is arguably the most elegant tableau of its kind currently in print.
He and his campaign manager, his long-time friend Walter, are proposing that River Ridge merge with a nearby, mostly white town in order to prevent the dissolution of both towns as a result of economic and social decline.
In 1993, former Secretary of Education William Bennett produced a study called the Index of Leading Cultural Indicators, to chart the social decline that has taken place--divorce, crime, media addiction--even as the economy has grown.
71) The political and military implications of this were even stronger because of the total loss of influence over its former Eastern European allies and the Baltic states, and the continuing economic and social decline.
While it's very decent of him to be so concerned, I find it strange that he seems to ignore the fact that there are plenty of examples all over the world where alcohol and gambling co-exist without there being any evidence of this mixture causing social decline and unrest.
Another disturbing sign of social decline shows up in Census Bureau health insurance coverage figures.

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