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Now present era has social computing application that permit to discontinuity of the numerous obstacles [25].
The review highlights intertwined aspects of modern technological and social computing systems, exploring such themes as digital technologies, e-Learning, webometrics ranking, electronic resource planning systems, social media interfaces and innovative practices associated with new electronic revolution.
The entry from Masdar Institute's Social Computing and Artificial Intelligence Lab ubsequently became one of the 10 finalists chosen from among more than 600 participating teams.
Effective virtualisation security protects mobility, collaboration and social computing through isolation of sensitive resources, and is essential to the success of BYOD.
"For Microsoft, Bahrain has been a key market for more than 20 years and the challenge is how to take the country into the new area of cloud, big data, social computing and mobility, creating new economic opportunities along the way," he said.
Aditi and TIBCO believe these additional capabilities will be integral to solutions tackling scenarios in e-commerce and social computing like revenue optimization, business productivity and analytics.
For product companies with a global workforce, social computing takes on enterprise significance in knowledge flows.
"Mobile, cloud and social computing are dramatically changing the way engineers, designers and architects work.
Since the advent of "Enterprise 2.0," a phrase coined by Harvard School of Business professor Andrew McAfee to describe the impact of social networking, social computing, and social media on business, many organizations have been slow to adopt its use, doubting its practical value for business.
"The new three-year strategy focuses on the four mega trends in technology that will shape our collective futures - cloud computing, social computing, mobile computing and information management - and sets an ambitious road map that will see us completely restructure the department," he added.
According to a recent Gartner report, social computing solves problems and creates opportunities by extending the reach and depth of human interactions.
"With 1.2 billion people on social networks, 20% of the world's population, social computing is in its next phase," he said.

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