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Small-capitalization (small-cap) fund

A mutual fund that invests primarily in stocks of companies whose market value is less than $1 billion. Small-cap stocks historically have been more volatile than large-cap stocks, and often perform differently from the overall market.

Small-capitalization (small cap) stocks

The stocks of companies whose market value is less than $1 billion. Small-cap companies tend to grow faster than large-cap companies and typically use any profits for expansion rather to pay dividends. They also are more volatile than large-cap companies, and have a higher failure rate.
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The Fund is subject to risks associated with investments in small-capitalization companies, such as erratic earnings patterns, competitive conditions, limited earnings history, and a reliance on one or a limited number of products.
LOS ANGELES -- Center Financial Corporation (NASDAQ:CLFC) today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Center Bank, has been ranked as one of the top performing small-capitalization banks in the U.
Russell 2000 Index Measures Performance of the Top Small-Capitalization U.
has been named to Sandler O'Neill & Partners LP's "Sm-All Stars" list of the country's 30 best-performing small-capitalization banks and thrifts.
The Trustees of Managers Special Equity Fund (NASDAQ: MGSEX) (the "Fund"), a diversified small-capitalization equity fund, have approved the appointment of Essex Investment Management Company, LLC ("Essex") as a subadvisor of the Fund, effective December 22, 2003.
Nasdaq:VIVO) today announced that it has been added to the Russell 2000(R) Index of small-capitalization stocks.
The Russell 2000, based on 2000 stocks, is the most widely recognized small-capitalization U.