small-issue bond

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Small-Issue Bond

Part of a small municipal bond that is used for private purposes. As a municipal bond, the interest is tax-deductible; however, there is a limit on the amount of debt and number of issues a municipality is allowed to use for private purposes and still qualify for the deduction.

small-issue bond

A bond that is part of a small-sized municipal bond issue for private purposes such that interest on the bond qualifies for federal tax exemption. Municipalities are limited as to the size of such an issue and the total number of issues if the bonds are to pay tax-exempt interest.
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However, in all of these levels, the agreements were discussed and considered, and there is some small issue on the trade agreement between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
This is a small issue in the scheme of things but an annoyance nonetheless.
Free parking is only a small issue for the decline in town centre shopping.
The builders come in straight away if there's even a small issue so it's been very easy.
The reason was a very small issue and how it spread so much that we do not know.
I READ your article 'Illegal cigs may seem a small issue, but they may fund terrorism', published May 15, with interest.
This is why Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas should not get sidetracked into arguing about the small issue that Netanyahu loves to use to hide his total intransigence.
Much of the focus for Manchester United will be on containing Ronaldo, which is very difficult and even if they were to succeed there's still the small issue of Angel Di Maria to deal with.
Whether the trains are hauled by steam, diesel or electric traction, the small issue of traversing the southern edge of the Cotswolds, through Chipping Sodbury and Alderton tunnels, where heavy rainfall invariably causes flooding, must be addressed once and for all.
It may seem like a small issue but it is at the heart of how we put food on our plates.
8220;We heard that customers weren't always calling when they had a small issue or question because they didn't want to be billed for the time,” said Gary.
Iraq is passing through a major political crisis and the case of Tariq al-Hashimy is just a small issue within this crisis; the most important and biggest part of this crisis is the fact that despite the lapse of one within the current government, the cabinet had not been completed," Damalougy said in a statement in Arbil on Sunday evening, as received by Aswat al-Iraq.

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