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An investor who deals in securities only occasionally, especially when he/she deals only in small quantities. Odd-lotters are also called (more formally) small investors. Odd-lot theory holds that odd-lotters are both poorly informed and risk averse; this theory encourages larger investors to do the opposite of whatever odd-lotters tend to be doing at a given time. This theory has little evidence to support it, and few have held it since the 1990s.
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An investor who buys and sells securities in less than the standard unit of trading. Odd-lotters are generally small investors lacking the financial resources to engage in larger trades.
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Bert was trying to impress Tom with the idea that the reconstructed Grubb & Smallways offered unprecedented and unparalleled opportunities to the judicious small investor. It was coming home to Bert, as though it were an entirely new fact, that Tom was singularly impervious to ideas.
These so-called 'gurus' claiming to have made millions or billions in stock investing, sometimes also in other major emerging and developed markets, assure small investors that they know the capital markets inside out and are also gifted with the vision to see the future.
On the other hand, CMA approved the mechanism to allocate SSPWC share on the condition that the share of small investors should not go lower than 1000 shares and whatever share above that will be calculated on a pro rata basis, by up to 15%.
Talking about the recession of 2008, the minister reminded that the recession had affected the small investors and brokers but now government is making an action plan so that the small investors would be saved from recession if recession occurs in future.Finance Minister Ishaq Dar reiterated that steps taken by the Government regarding revival of economy have a very positive impact on the stock exchange.
Chidambaram asked Sebi to work fearlessly to protect the interests of small investors. "Be a fearless regulator.
She wants a regulatory framework that defines the PRIPs that can be sold to small investors, in other words, provisions that regulate the investment products themselves.
Basket order window is also being made available in KATS to facilitate efficient hedging mechanism for small investors, high net worth individuals and financial institutions.
" If big companies like Satyam does such kind of frauds then it would be difficult for the small investors to invest their money.
Small investors now hold only 10% of the main London market.
Recently more than 850,000 small investors at Bradford & Bingley (B&B) saw the value of their holdings plunge by hundreds of pounds in a day - to a fifth of their value a couple of years back.
Just 800 of Abbey's 1.7 million small investors made it to the Wembley complex for the vote on the takeover by Banco Santander.

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