Slow market

Slow Market

A market with low volume and typically little change in prices. Slow markets tend to be illiquid and many analysts advise against selling in these markets because it is often difficult to achieve the price one desires.

Slow market.

A slow market is one with sluggish trading and static prices. In this environment, it may be difficult to find buyers willing to pay the price at which you'd like to sell your securities or other assets.

So to reduce the risk of losing principal or limiting gains, you may decide not to sell in a slow market unless you have a pressing need for the money that your asset might produce.

On the other hand, you might choose to buy in a slow market because lackluster trading volume might depress the prices of attractive investments.

The term slow market is also used to describe an exchange or market where transactions take relatively longer to execute than they do in other trading environments.

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Revenue declined due to slow market uptake on account of prolonged political activity which dampened investment decisions and thus slowed down economic activities,' the firm said in its financial statement.
He noted that the company should also consider our listing's potential impact on an already slow market.
Of all of them though, my particular favourite has to be the Stellenbosch Slow Market.
A realtor at CBRE, Rhodri James, said that bad news in the banking sector would lead to a slow first half of the year and unless they recover soon, the remaining year could also face a slow market.
The Ajax left back is one of a trio of players targeted by Alan Pardew this summer, but United are refusing to pay over the odds in a slow market this summer.
Facing a slow market at home, Chinese auto manufacturers target Africa
This 6 year old Building Contractor has had consistent growth and stablilty even through this slow market.
For fiscal 2010/11 the company expects a slow market recovery and plans organisational improvements and careful acquisitions.
Saudi Arabian scrap prices are showing some recovery on last month despite the slow market, and the ban on export of scrap is not expected to be removed soon, Steel Business Briefing learns from local traders.
He added: "In any climate this would be damaging, but in the current slow market, introducing this at this time could be fatal.
During a slow market, homebuyers are much more deliberate, which means they need to have access to the best local information before making that decision to buy or not to buy," Herr said.
So neighborhoods like Harlem that are picking up at the moment are at particular risk in a slow market," Otto said.