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Building a raised bed or sunken garden using sleepers laid horizontally is just as easy.
Efforts are on to identify the members of these sleeper cells in the four cities.
I would respectfully suggest to Coun Kirby, if he is going to act as the council's spokesperson and try to justify Caerphilly council's position in relation to rough sleepers in the borough, that he does his homework.
The sleeper coach is a perfect choice for bands, or really any large group that is interested in long-distance travel.
DIY stores and garden centres across Ireland are selling old railway sleepers - despite claims they can cause CANCER.
One investor who has awakened to sleeper stocks is Andrea Hardy, an IT team leader with a healthcare company in Indianapolis.
SAMPLE SAVINGS BASED ON NORMAL SLEEPER APEX FARES: Aberdeen London SAVE pounds 50 return Inverness-London SAVE pounds 50 return Fort William-London SAVE pounds 50 return Glasgow-London SAVE pounds 40 return Edinburgh-London SAVE pounds 40 return When you travel, you'll be welcomed on-board by your Sleeper host, and in a few hours will arrive in central London where you'll receive a friendly wake up call together with a complimentary cup of tea or coffee and a light morning snack.
Or you can book via Scot Rail Telesales, using most debit/credit cards, on 08457 550033 quoting ``Sunday Mail Sleeper Flat Fare Offer''.
The price he pays for each sleeper has been pounds 11.
The project, in which ten hardened rough sleepers are housed over the festive period at an ex-refuge hostel in Sparkhill, has also been copied in other parts of the country.
The title story, Jessie Redmon Fauset's "The Sleeper Wakes," for instance, provides a neat subversion of the popular "tragic octoroon" tale by painting a heroine who embraces her newly discovered Black heritage rather than following the well-trod, fictional path to drown herself in a swamp or throw herself off a cliff.