skip-day settlement

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Skip-day settlement

Settling a trade one business day beyond what is normal.

Skip-Day Settlement

On an exchange, the practice of settling a transaction one day after the normal time period in which it is settled. For example, if a trade is usually settled five business days after the transaction, skip-day settlement requires the trade to settle six days after the original transaction. See also: delayed settlement.

skip-day settlement

The settlement of a security trade one business day beyond the usual settlement date. For example, a trade that usually requires next-day settlement would require payment and delivery two business days following the trade date using skip-day settlement.
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02 per cent from the price of goods for each term skip day.
Senior Skip Day is coming up at my school, but I won't be participating.
Fly-tipping Action Wales partners > who took part in a skip day and litter pick at All Saints Church, Wrexham
Yesterday the Fly-tipping Action Wales partnership held a skip day to reduce the amount of illegally dumped waste in the Hightown area of Wrexham.
Fly-Tipping Action Wales partners take part in a skip day and litter pick at All Saints Church Wrexham PIC BY MANDY JONES
It's also not my favorite because it single-handedly revived the tradition of Senior Skip Day (woo hoo
It was part of a pilot skip day around the area of Pear Tree Avenue, Cherry Tree Avenue and Chestnut Crescent.
Environmentally-friendly people in a Tyneside borough are being encouraged to get rid of any bulky refuse on Skip Day tomorrow.
It's the time of year when some high school seniors can't resist the temptation of certain time-honored - yet officially frowned-upon - traditions: Senior Skip Day, alcohol-fueled parties and, of course, parting pranks.
The skip day scheme was tried out by Walsall Council in Blakenhall on Saturday.
NORTHBRIDGE - It was senior skip day at Northbridge Middle School on May 20, but the six seniors who were skipping weren't elder class members; they were residents of Beaumont Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Center in Northbridge, who came as guests to a fifth-grade celebration of their own projected 90th birthdays.
The skip day at Stenhills Crescent, Ashley Road and Castle Rise was organised by Halton council and was spearheaded by ward councillors Cllr Stef Nelson and Cllr John Stockton.