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In the analysis presented below, we examine the relationships between children's completed schooling and a number of factors, including single-parent family structure.
"I interviewed children in a nuclear family and some from a single-parent family and the majority said they would have greater opportunities to do sport if both parents had been there."
Thus, each single-parent family had a randomly selected comparison two-parent family from the applicable age-gender stratum.
In this regard, the relationship between the independent variable (the family population and the single-parent family) was analyzed with the degree of the domestic violence, the results of which are resented in the following:
Less surprisingly, the single-parent family poverty rates more or less (8) reflect the welfare regime logic: liberal regimes have the highest rates by far with the conservative regimes falling somewhere in between them and social democratic Sweden.
According to authors like Barron (2002) and Rodriguez & Luengo (2003), the majority of our definitions of single-parent family, on the part of both individuals and institutions, consider basically the following aspects: the presence in the home of a sole parent and his or her children, who are single and/or dependents--and sometimes the children's age is also taken into account; take, for example, minors--.
The document also speaks of the "appearance of apologia for the single-parent family, the broken, gay, the lesbian family.

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