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Trinidad argued the peso's real effective exchange rate (REER) index, a trade weighted benchmark of currency competitiveness, would have to closely track the REER of four Southeast Asian countries: Malaysian ringgit, Indonesian rupiah, Singaporean dollar, Thai baht and Chinese renminbi.
The Malaysian ringgit, the Singaporean dollar and the South Korean won also depreciated against the US dollar year-to-date, while the Japanese yen, Indonesian rupiah and Thai baht strengthened against the greenback.
This was one of the strongest rates of appreciation among key Asian currencies, the BSP said, and was the fastest rise among the "Asean 5" currencies, which also include the Singaporean dollar, the Malaysian ringgit, the Thai baht and the Indonesian rupiah.
Researchers estimate that their proposed patch had a material cost of about five Singaporean dollars, which equals $3.
The foreign currency portfolio includes US dollars, Euros, Swiss francs, British pounds, Australian and Canadian dollars, Japanese yens, Russian rubles, Chinese yuans, Singaporean dollars, Norwegian and Swiss krona.
I also have US dollar and I have 20 and 10 and 5 Singaporean dollars.
2 billion Singaporean dollars ($958 million), (http://www.
I was sure there was at least 200,000 Singaporean dollars in the bag," the Herald Sun quoted him as telling the Straits Times.
to be set up with capital of 500,000 Singaporean dollars (about $413,000), will work with developers in Southeast and South Asia to deliver high-quality games to smartphone users worldwide, it said.
Slobodan Pavkovic, coach of S League side Young Lions and the Singapore Football Association (FAS) technical director, shoved the official in a league game earlier this month He was fined $10,000 Singaporean dollars (pounds 4,8,50) and banned from the touchline, but was more aghast at his antics in front of Pele.
The S League ranks as one of the top professional leagues in South East Asia, where millions of Singaporean dollars are being pumped into the game in order to raise its global profile.