Simple moving average

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Simple moving average

The mean, calculated at any time over a past period of fixed length.

Simple Moving Average

The average price of a security calculated by adding closing prices from the most recent trading days (for example, the last 10 days) and dividing by the number of trading days considered (in this case, 10). A simple moving average is easy to calculate and provides a quick look at a security's short-term trend. See also: Exponential moving average.
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Testing the Simple Moving Average Across Commodities, Global Stock Indices, and Currencies.
As the results reveal, the simple moving average was the least accurate forecasting technique for future daily values.
With the drop in the loonie dollar, this pair has managed to rally nearly 200 points to break above a channel top (connecting the Apr 22nd, May 18th and Jun 8th highs) and 20-day simple moving average.
However, the index continues to be technically supported by the 200 days simple moving average at 5,806 and the 20 days average at 5,661, the FTH said in its report.
Customizable technical analysis indicators for sophisticated investors, including charting indicators such as MACD and simple moving average.
I say simple moving average because there are a few different ways to calculate a moving average.
He added that the Euro STOXX 50 could fall to 2,650 points by the end of next week, although technical traders pointed to a possible support level for the Euro STOXX 50 at around the 2,710 points level, which represents its 50-day simple moving average.
The middle band is a measure of the intermediate-term trend, usually a simple moving average, that serves as the base for the upper band and lower band.
The pair's 200-day Simple Moving Average has thus far held back topside breakouts, while the pair has likewise held minor trendline and 100-day SMA support.

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