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Simon Dumenco of AdAge wrote that it wasn't Thiel who killed Gawker; Gawker killed itself, comparing its death as a form of "autoerotic asphyxiation."
"Wear your awkwardness on your sleeve" is the rule for marketers, especially those hoping to sell to the millennial generation, says Simon Dumenco, a media columnist for Advertising Age.
Jesse Jackson; Van Jones, CNN contributor and co-founder of "#YesWeCode; Kevin Brady, Executive Creative Director, Droga5; Jim Moriarty, Director of Brand Citizenship, 72andsunny; Dennis Crowley, CEO, Foursquare; Hank Williams, Founder,; Jesse Juriga, Creative Director, Google Creative Lab; Allison Arden, VP/Publisher and Simon Dumenco, Editorial Director, both from Ad Age, Creativity and Internet Week, among others.
The day after media columnist Simon Dumenco wrote a post commenting on the Twitter buzz surrounding both Apple's iCloud announcement and the Rep.
HuffPo critic Simon Dumenco gleefully catalogued all the criticism in a piece entitled "Welcome aboard the anti-HuffPo bandwagon".
Simon Dumenco of AdAge called it a "potentially revolutionary" venture, and we hope he's right.
But, said Simon Dumenco, Media Guy columnist for Advertising Age, "saying that Cargo was 'too gay' presumes that it had legions of fans among gay men.
In the early weeks of October, as the American financial crisis intensified, everyone from former Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld to Advertising Age media critic Simon Dumenco took shots at the business press, pummeling its reporters and editors for failing to anticipate the looming economic collapse.
-- AdAge: Simon Dumenco thinks that if Sam Zell sees a future in newspaper sites he hasn't noticed the kleptomedia running wild online.
--From "The New Homophobia" by Simon Dumenco, in the September issue of Details
"If it really matters, chances are Romenesko has already linked it to death and posted plenty of ad hoc commentary on his letters page," wrote Simon Dumenco in the March 24 issue of Advertising Age.