Significant order

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Significant order

An order to buy or sell a large enough quantity of securities that the price of the security may be affected. Institutional investors usually spread out such an order over a few days or weeks to avoid adverse pressures on the buy or sell price.

Significant Order

An order to buy or sell a security that, because of its size, will likely cause a considerable price fluctuation. The exact size of a significant order varies according to security. For example, a stock with relatively few shares outstanding will likely have a smaller threshold for a significant order than others. Most of the time, significant orders are made by institutional investors. Generally speaking, they try to avoid price fluctuations by splitting significant orders into several parts and filling them over a certain period of time.
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These significant orders demonstrate its continuing confidence in Cray and in the new Cray X1 system.
DAYTON, Ohio -- NCR Corporation (NYSE:NCR) today announced its continued leadership of China's automated teller machine (ATM) market, having secured significant orders in 2006 totaling over 5,600 units from the top four local Chinese commercial banks.
MFRI:NASDAQ), has recently received 4 significant orders totaling approximately $26,000,000 from Major and Independent multinational oil and gas companies.
AMEX: BLD), a leading global manufacturer of printing press accessories and control equipment, announced today that it had recently secured significant orders in North America for its Impact(R) automatic cleaning systems.
For example, OneBase(TM) MCPA Cell Extender, introduced in mid-2005, has gained noteworthy acceptance in North America, including significant orders and deployments from multiple major North American operators for the highly-efficient, high power multi-carrier power amplifier (MCPA) configuration.
Two other significant orders were received in November.
MFIC Corporation announced today that it has received, since September 1, 2005, several significant orders totaling approximately $2.
Following the Scientific Professional(TM) Cat Litter product roll-out will be a national launch of our K-9 Fat Free Dog Treats(TM), scheduled for September, and we have early indications of significant orders for this product line as well.
Other significant orders received in July included an order for $121,132 from NOAA's National Ocean Service (NOS) for NOS Hydrographic Gauges, an order for $82,500 under the Company's five year agreement with Beijing Shinetek for SatLink2 Loggers/Transmitters and an order for $41,500 from the French National Scientific Research Center for SatLink2 stations to be installed in four African countries.
WebTech reported an increase in sales in all geographic segments, particularly in Canada, where we realized 73% growth due to substantial add-on orders for existing customers as well as significant orders with new customers.
South Korea's Incheon International Airport and Japan's Tokyo-Narita International Airport also placed significant orders recently.
Representing exciting opportunities for the company's future, significant orders were received from new Corporate Client, CP Rail and existing client City of Chicago.

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