signature guarantee

Signature guarantee

The authentication of a signature in the form of a stamp, seal, or written confirmation by a bank or member of a domestic stock exchange (or other acceptable guarantor). A notary public cannot provide a signature guarantee. A signature guarantee is a common requirement when transferring or redeeming shares or changing the ownership of an account.
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Signature Guarantee

A statement by a financial institution that a signature on a document is genuine. A signature guarantee is needed in some transfers of securities and other transactions. The signature guarantee is usually made by a commercial bank or a member firm. See also: Medallion Stamp Program.
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signature guarantee

A written guarantee by a financial institution (nearly always a commercial bank or stock exchange member firm) that a particular signature is valid. A signature guarantee is often required on a certificate or other official document to be mailed.
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Other financial firms might send out a distribution booklet to be returned, along with a signature guarantee for each QCD.
eSignature Group, LLC has launched a secure online platform that allows shareholders to obtain a medallion signature guarantee for the transfer of securities, the company said.
Banks and bank holding companies also have long been authorized to issue signature guarantees to issuers of securities and their transfer agents in connection with the transfer of securities.(21) A bank issuing a signature guarantee warrants that the signature of the customer indorsing a certificated security or authorizing the transfer of an uncertificated security is authentic.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-July 8, 2016-eSignature Group launches online platform with signature guarantees for securities transfers
With FormPipe, users can electronically sign and encrypt virtually any document; the electronic signature guarantees that documents cannot be manipulated without detection, and the encryption renders documents' contents indecipherable to unauthorized (third) parties.
The final word on baseballs will come from an independent study being carried out at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell at the request of major league baseball Commissioner Bud Selig, whose stamped signature guarantees every ball.