show stopper

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Show stopper

A legal barrier, such as a scorched-earth policy or shark repellant system, that firms use to prevent a takeover.

Show Stopper

1. Any law or regulation that makes a hostile takeover impossible or prohibitively expensive. A show stopper may take the form of a court order or an act of legislation. The term implies that the target company takes some action in order to make the takeover difficult or impossible, but this is not always the case. See also: Antitakeover measure.

2. More generally, anything that prevents an activity or transaction from taking place as planned.

show stopper

A legal barrier to a takeover attempt that is virtually impossible for the suitor to overcome. For example, a target company might convince state legislators to pass various antitakeover laws that would preclude the takeover. Compare shark repellent.
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Solid Edge received a Show Stopper Award at NDES in March 1999 and an Editor's Choice Award in November 1999.
Crow, looking tan and healthy, said that, for her, ``Cancer was a bit of a show stopper, a sort of life chiropractic adjustment,'' and that for now, she has beaten the disease.
With the RAF Harrier as the perennial show stopper for the second half of the 20th Century, the new millennium star is likely to be the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey tilt rotor museum machine, which after an eventful birth is now scheduled for delivery to the US armed forces.
We ended each night with a real show stopper called Another Day.
a world leader in computer graphics add-on and peripheral solutions, today announced that the ELSA Synergy II received Cadence Magazine's Show Stopper Award at the National Design and Engineering Show (NDES), held in Chicago March 15-18, 1999.
The event is expected to draw 3,000-5,000 participants and features a host of sponsors including: Muscle Machines, Circuit City, EB Games, Show Stopper, MTX, The Bondurant School of High Performance Driving, Tyco RC, Singh Motorsports, and local Honda, Acura, Hyundai, and Mitsubishi dealerships.
When pianist Christopher O'Riley premiered his version of the song ``Paranoid Android'' at the Knitting Factory recently, he wanted it to be a big show stopper.
Winning a prized Show Stopper Award at Autodesk Design World in Philadelphia a few weeks ago has put Bamboo Solutions, the software solutions division of VIDAR Systems Corporation, and its hot new document management software, Info.
E[acute accent]"The issue involving carbon dioxide on that flight was a show stopper for us," said Haise.
When a former gang member is finally out of jail and looking for employment, the tattoo is an instant show stopper,'' said William ``Blinky'' Rodriguez, founder of gang-intervention program Communities In Schools.