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One who has sold a contract to establish a market position and who has not yet closed out this position through an offsetting purchase; the opposite of a long position. Related: Long.

Short Position

The sale of a security or derivative, or the state of having sold one or the other. It is important to note that a short position is not closed, and is applied only to sales where further action may be required. For example, one who has borrowed securities and has then sold them is said to be have a short position with respect to that security, because he/she must eventually return an equivalent amount of the borrowed securities. Likewise, one who has sold (or written) an option is in a short position, because the option may be exercised at a later date. See also: Long position, Close a position.


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References in classic literature ?
After a while she remembered that she still held the pieces of mushroom in her hands, and she set to work very carefully, nibbling first at one and then at the other, and growing sometimes taller and sometimes shorter, until she had succeeded in bringing herself down to her usual height.
Jeremy crossed his legs up shorter, out of reach, and went on eating his sandwich.
The landlord, to get him out of the inn, replied with no less rhetoric though with shorter words, and without calling upon him to pay the reckoning let him go with a Godspeed.
It would seem to have been better, for the first time at least, to have given a shorter sermon, and to have touched upon fewer subjects.
They saluted each other with civility, and waited a moment before one of them, the sharper walker who seemed to have the shorter patience, knocked at the door.
The temper of the thoats of Torquas appeared even shorter than their vicious cousins among the Tharks and Warhoons, and for a time it seemed unlikely that he should escape a savage charge on the part of a couple of old bulls that circled, squealing, about him; but at last he managed to get close enough to one of them to touch the beast.
Summary: British Ambassador-designate Hugo Shorter emphasized Britain's "unwavering support" for Lebanon Tuesday after meeting Prime Minister Tammam Salam at the Grand Serail.
But had it not been for the drugs, Shorter wouldn't have torched a credit union ATM in an absurd attempt to cover up a series of fake deposits and illegal cash withdrawals, his lawyer told a judge on Thursday.
London, July 25 ( ANI ): A new research has revealed that men over the average height of 5ft 10 are more than twice as likely to cheat as compare to their shorter counterparts.
ASIC has extended interim class order relief from the shorter Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) regime for multi-funds, superannuation platforms and hedge funds.
Nothing scientific, but still, shorter sights, shorter barrel, shorter grip (when shooting Major Sub), much bigger round & power factor, yet I scored better with the G30.
com)-- Student recruitment tool provides immersive experience at Shorter University.