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The top short-term gain was had by Northwestern Mutual Real Estate Investors in 2012, when they sold the Russell Investments Center in Seattle to Commonwealth Partners for $325 million.
WE WROTE: Upsall Hall, right, a centre for people with learning disabilities must remain open says Councillor Valerie Halton as it is too precious an asset to be sold off for short-term gain.
What is important to remember is, while these moves may result in some short-term gain there will be suffering in the long-term as the pay back will be companies will not get the services they want, require or have grown to expect.
A long-term vision rather than a short-term gain must be paramount--but tell that to an enrollment manager who is employed today to get the class and the revenue.
There are sound judgments, honest mistakes and then that third entity: the unspoken-of stepchild of stress-mediated capitulation to those bent on corrupting long-term outcome for short-term gain.
In a society where the word "is" doesn't always mean what you think it does, narrowly defining or interpreting a task opens the door to short-term gain and long-term pain.
Unsustainable policies which ravage the environment--usually for the short-term gain of affluent groups--will find Humanists in strong and vigorous opposition.
Likewise, short-term gain is determined by multiplying the percentage held for one year or less by the total gain.
6 percent ($1,861) if the appreciation was short-term gain.
There is always some short-term gain from the increased visibility that a large event like this brings, However, since there was no particularly coherent agenda for this march, the tong-term gains, if any, will be hard to measure.
Finally, any taxable [TABULAR DATA FOR EXHIBIT 1 OMITTED] [TABULAR DATA FOR EXHIBIT 2 OMITTED] income not taxed at one of the alternative tax rates, including any short-term gain, is taxed at the taxpayer's regular tax rates.
The shareholders' interest takes priority, but that interest isn't equivalent to their potential for short-term gain, nor is it the sole legitimate consideration in Wally's decision.

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