Short-term trend

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Short-term trend

Erratic price movements that last less than three weeks.

Short-Term Trend

Any price movement that occurs over a few hours or days. Short-term trends can be predicted with some accuracy with technical analysis. Traders make large profits (and sometimes large losses) from predicting short-term trends. Value investors, on the other hand, tend to discount the importance of short-term trends.
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Some industries, however, are just fine with short-term trends, particularly those in which companies can pivot quickly.
* It shows you long-term and short-term trends in areas across the business.
This has limited the effect of short-term trends affecting specific market sectors.
Some traders buy and sell constantly, seeking to make money off short-term trends or momentum.
He suggests that advisors preach long-term investment strategies and not short-term trends in investing.
They discuss short-term trends and demographics in the US, Australia, and Israel; pre-departure considerations, such as engaging underrepresented populations, students' perceived benefits, preparing students, and risk reduction; faculty-led international exchange and service-learning experiences in fields like business, design, engineering, human resource management, information technology, and marketing; global health-related courses and international field placements; teacher internationalization and pre-service practicums abroad; and second language acquisition programs, with discussion of identity, motivation, learning strategies, social interaction, and intercultural communication and awareness.
Short-term trends, fads and highly seasonal styles tend to impact the category; however, the largest segments in terms of value sales, including ties, scarves and hats remained fairly stable in 2014.
Focusing on short-term trends will cause a business to chase after opportunities instead of create them.
Next month, thus, will be a bell-weather to spot short-term trends in Abu Dhabi's property sales market.
A section of a draft IPCC report, looking at short-term trends, says temperatures are likely to be 0.4 to 1.0 degree Celsius (0.7-1.8F) warmer from 2016-35 than in the two decades to 2005.
He then takes the short-term trends in the tropical Pacific and North Pacific and compares them to past conditions.

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