current liabilities

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Current liabilities

Amount owed for salaries, interest, accounts payable and other debts due within 1 year.
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Current Liabilities

On a balance sheet, any liability expected to be paid off in one year or less. Common examples of current liabilities are short-term bills and accounts payable.
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current liabilities

all obligations to pay out cash at some date in the near future, including amounts which a firm owes to trade CREDITORS and BANK LOANS/OVERDRAFTS. See WORKING CAPITAL, WORKING CAPITAL RATIO.
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current liabilities

all obligations to pay out cash at some date in the near future, including amounts that a firm owes to trade CREDITORS and BANK LOANS/OVERDRAFTS. See WORKING CAPITAL.
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The company intends to use the net proceeds amounting to P1.4 billion to settle its maturing short-term obligations in the third quarter of 2018 and to partially fund the development of Siguil Hydro Power Corporation.
Excluding its short-term obligations, the central bank's net reserves are not more than $5 billion, although gross official reserves stand at $15.1 billion.
If an insurer has predominantly short-term obligations, asset portfolios should be relatively liquid in nature (i.e., publicly traded bonds, commercial paper and cash).
The Basel III liquidity coverage ratio (the ratio of high liquid FX assets to net short-term obligations for the month to come) will be adopted in 2017, and overlapping regulations will be lifted: Different ratios will be applied in 2017 according to the types of banks (commercial banks to meet 60 percent, while some public financial institutions to meet 40 percent), but all banks will have to meet 80 percent as of 2019, except Korea Development Bank which will have to meet 60 percent.
MARC considers TSH's liquidity to be sufficient to meet its short-term obligations.
It invests at least 80% of its net assets in municipal obligations, at least 50% of its net assets in municipal bonds considered investment-grade or the un-rated equivalent as decided by the company in the case of bonds and in the two highest rating categories or the un-rated equivalent as determined by it for short-term obligations having or deemed to have maturities of less than a year.
Regions Financial Corporation is rated Ba1 for senior debt and Not-Prime for short-term obligations.
They reveal that chairman Peter Johnson has agree to loan the club a further PS250,000 to meet its short-term obligations this month alone.
The short-term liquidity of an enterprise is measured by the degree to which it can meet its short-term obligations. Liquidity implies the ready ability to convert assets into cash or to obtain cash.
The firm invests primarily in common stocks, but may invest in bonds, convertible bonds, preferred stocks, convertible preferred stocks, warrants, options real estate, or short-term obligations of governments, banks and corporations.
The central bank's net hard currency reserves, which a country needs to pay for imports, are in negative territory if upcoming short-term obligations are included, indicating a looming funding crunch for Egypt unless it quickly accesses external aid.
Liquidity funds are defined as any private fund that seeks to generate income by investing in a portfolio of short-term obligations to maintain a stable net asset value or minimize principal volatility.

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