current liabilities

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Current liabilities

Amount owed for salaries, interest, accounts payable and other debts due within 1 year.
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Current Liabilities

On a balance sheet, any liability expected to be paid off in one year or less. Common examples of current liabilities are short-term bills and accounts payable.
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current liabilities

all obligations to pay out cash at some date in the near future, including amounts which a firm owes to trade CREDITORS and BANK LOANS/OVERDRAFTS. See WORKING CAPITAL, WORKING CAPITAL RATIO.
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current liabilities

all obligations to pay out cash at some date in the near future, including amounts that a firm owes to trade CREDITORS and BANK LOANS/OVERDRAFTS. See WORKING CAPITAL.
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The Fund report estimates that net international reserves, the figure we get after deducting key short-term liabilities as well as money owed to the IMF from the gross foreign exchange reserves, is now negative $0.7bn.
Regarding the borrowing structure of this period, short-term liabilities seem to increase 3 times in 2009 in which the impacts of crisis were felt, compared to the previous year, however this amount has a small share in total amount.
On a year-on-year basis, short-term liabilities dropped by EUR 197.8 M (2.5%) from August 2015 (EUR 7.854 M, 17.3% of GDP).General governmentas gross external debt totalled EUR 6.516 B (14.3% of GDP) in end-August 2016.
The finance minister tabled a white paper in the assembly on the financial status, which pointed out that the state had immediate liabilities amounting to Rs63 billion (Dh3.42 billion) and unbudgeted short-term liabilities of Rs43 billion.
Caps on FX forward positions will be raised as of July 1, 2016, from 30 percent to 40 percent for local banks and from 150 percent to 200 percent for foreign bank branches in Korea, while the bank levy rate will be held at the current level of 0.1 percent and will be imposed on short-term liabilities: on the amount which will reach maturity in a year or less.
Debts owed by "risky businesses" _ companies with an interest coverage ratio below 1 that have short-term liabilities exceeding short-term liquid assets _ also accounted for 21.2 percent of total corporate liabilities, way above the comparable share of 16.9 percent in 2009.
STCPs are unsecured debt instrument issued by a company to finance its receivables, inventories, and short-term liabilities.
The company stated that it plans to augment the long term resources by substituting part of the short-term liabilities with medium to long term resources.
The revenue generated by hydropower projects will help Bhutan reduce its short-term liabilities which mainly constitute borrowings made by the Indian government and the Indian commercial banks.
"Ninety-seven percent of the debt increase is a result of the new short-term liabilities, which reveals a potentially greater vulnerability of the home economy," the report of the National Bank relates.
By excluding CPFA and CPLTD from the formulas, Solution 1 provides a valuable analysis of the short-term cycle: Are current assets (traditionally defined to exclude CPFA) adequate to repay the short-term liabilities that financed them (excluding CPLTD)?
It was restructured to extend short-term liabilities and bring new funding partners on board.

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