Short-term capital gain

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Short-term capital gain

A profit on the sale of a security or mutual fund share that has been held for one year or less. A short-term capital gain is taxed as ordinary income.
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Short-Term Capital Gain

The gain one realizes by closing a position one has held for less than one year. For example, if one buys a stock or bond and sells it five months later for more than what one paid, the gain is considered a short-term capital gain. The government wishes to encourage long-term investment and, as such, short-term capital gains are usually not entitled to preferential treatment for tax purposes; that is, they are taxed at a higher rate than gains from long-term investments. See also: Short-term capital loss.
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The Capgemini report also said that open banking would have only short-term gains and indicates that fundamental shifts would alter the course of banking in future.
It may seem odd, but the income ranges long-term capital gains tax brackets look rather different than those for ordinary income and short-term gains. While the ( Tax Cuts and Jobs Act  made significant changes to the income thresholds for the ordinary income brackets, it didn't make any such changes to the long-term capital gains brackets.
Consumers shouldn't be saddled with expensive projects just because they might give short-term gains in one area.
Therefore, the spreads monetize profits on one leg and open new bullish positions at higher strikes in anticipation of short-term gains - the May contract expires tomorrow and the May 25th options next Friday.
Leading OMCs are resorting to import orders for short-term gains, not taking into account the impact their actions have on the countries foreign exchange reserves and consumers, said some senior government officials.
AcSki development in pursuit of short-term gains has already taken a shocking toll on Pirin.
Unfortunately, our political and military leadership has always focused on the short-term gains while telling the people that they are working on long-term plans; therefore, the people should wait for the desired results.
Most of the time these methods offer short-term gains. In a clinical practice what matters is what is good for an individual, considering the build, metabolic issues and long-term commitment.
The group said Malaysia is at a crossroad and cannot afford for bigots to continue fanning hatred and tear this country apart, as evident by much damaged that it said has been inflicted by politicians who 'play to the gallery for short-term gains'.
Two properties netted larger short-term gains than the Sony Building during that time frame.
with short-term gains there are persons who delight
The local stock market returned to the doldrums yesterday as investors pocketed short-term gains amid cautious sentiment across regional markets.

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