short-term debt

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Short-term debt

Debt obligations, recorded as current liabilities, requiring payment within the year.

Short-Term Debt

Any bond or other debt that must be repaid or refinanced within one year. Short-term debts are recorded on a balance sheet as current liabilities.

short-term debt

That portion of debt that is payable within one year.Consumers typically include only debts maturing in one year in their schedule of short-term debts.Businesses usually segregate debt into the current year's portion of all debt,with the balance,if any,categorized as long-term debt. When completing a form financial statement for a lender, it is important to find out that lender's definition of short-term debt. Placing debts in the wrong category could result in a failure to meet certain critical ratios,and denial of the loan.

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com)-- The fund provides a traditional investment alternative for clients which seek higher returns as opposed to money market funds, and reduced fluctuations which are fairly common for short-term bond funds, thus filling the risk vs.
The short-term bond in the amount of Euro 300 million maturing in three and a half years will pay a coupon of 1.
The Azzad Wise Capital Fund, the first US Halal, socially responsible fixed-income mutual fund has received a five-star overall rating out of 435 short-term bond funds as of 31 December 2014 from Chicago-based investment research firm Morningstar, Inc.
The government short-term bond rating is Not Prime and is not affected by this action.
We have a second tier account that I keep in a short-term bond fund.
Short-term bond mutual funds, which typically have maturity dates of two years or less, are another good option.
On its short-term funds, Comisky said the committee had decided to reallocate the investments from 50-50 to 60 percent in a short-term bond fund and 40 percent in money market funds.
At the time of this writing, two reputable funds of this type, the Vanguard Short-Term Bond Index fund (VBISX) and the T.
The analyst said Verizon would like to issue short-term bond notes to finance the deal.
Skipton offers fixed rate short-term bond Savers wanting to guarantee an attractive fixed rate of interest on their savings in the short-term have a new account to invest in.
There were short-term bond funds and long-term bond funds, and funds that combined bonds and stocks.
7 million in short-term bond anticipation notes that came due on April 15, as well as pay off the deficit for the fiscal year the ended June 30, 1991.