Short-term capital gain

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Short-term capital gain

A profit on the sale of a security or mutual fund share that has been held for one year or less. A short-term capital gain is taxed as ordinary income.
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Short-Term Capital Gain

The gain one realizes by closing a position one has held for less than one year. For example, if one buys a stock or bond and sells it five months later for more than what one paid, the gain is considered a short-term capital gain. The government wishes to encourage long-term investment and, as such, short-term capital gains are usually not entitled to preferential treatment for tax purposes; that is, they are taxed at a higher rate than gains from long-term investments. See also: Short-term capital loss.
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He said that such measures are being taken for short term gains and would cost a huge price for the people of Kashmir.
He said that such measures were being taken for short term gains and would cost a huge price for the people of Kashmir.
SELLING off Royal Mail might bring short term gains for shareholders and the government, but it is customers who will lose out in the long term.
There may be short term gains to be made in the capital but if we want the UK economy to be firing on all cylinders there needs to be a focus on growth in cities like Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle.
Israeli army forces West Bank division commander also warned settlers in the West Bank of the dangers of possible abduction, which Hamas is believed to want to use as a bargainig tool for short term gains such as the release of prisoners, rather than a method to increase pressure on the Gilad Shalit negotiations.Other sources speculated that the officials also discussed the bombings of Aqaba, Eilat and Ashkelon, as well as the Gilad Shalit deal, although al-Razak, the Hamas official involved in the alleged meeting, denies this.saying that he is barred from entering '1948 territory.'
Keynote speaker Tom L Kalaris, chief executive of Barclays Wealth, highlighted the role that heightened transparency will play in creating a sustainable business environment in the future with a focus on long term strategies rather than short term gains.
He also criticised investors for focusing too much on short term gains.
The World Development Movement said poor countries had traded off short term gains in agriculture for long-term loss of economic sovereignty and forced opening of their markets.
The short term gains of profits have far overshadowed the necessity of continuing or propagating the future of business in general.

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