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The unique drone light show featured 300 Intel Shooting Star drones in a choreographed aerial performance marking the first-ever drone integration during a televised event and a Super Bowl.
Summary: This weekend's night sky will -- to the naked, Earth-bound eye -- be filled with shooting stars for annual Perseid meteor shower, however only half the usual number of shooting stars will be seen during the peak.
Also, the Intel Shooting Star drones finished out the halftime performance by forming the Pepsi logo in the sky.
The meteors, or shooting stars will develop speeds up to 59 kilometres per second.
Occurring every year between July 17 and August 24, the meteor shower peaks at 100 shooting stars an hour.
Eddie said: "I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2010 and had to have treatment at the Shooting Star unit.
The Shooting Star Salesman" is proudly a Kickstarter project.
EFP's Shooting Stars has proved a success since its launch in 1998.
Sunflower Electric Power Corporation, a member of The National Renewables Cooperative Organization, is purchasing energy from the planned Shooting Star Wind Project between Greensburg and Dodge City, Kansas.
The centre is located across from the hospital's Shooting Star Unit, and the construction has been funded by the Shooting Star Appeal, while Macmillan has furnished the unit and will be supporting the employment of an information manager for three years.
Like a shooting star streaking across the heavens John Paul II streaked across our consciousness, but his beauty will never be forgotten.