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"This made me wonder if my burglar had a certain pathology or problem of the foot that could relate to the shoe print."
Recently, the Court of Appeals in California addressed the use of digital imaging to enhance a shoe print in a criminal case.
They battled so desperately for life that no fewer than 75 fingermarks and a shoe print were found inside their tomb.
s Shoe print T-shirt, pounds 69, Paul Smith @ Cruise.
As Garry slowly interviews three other key witnesses, Jacques surveys Cedulie's property, and traces a high-heeled shoe print to a local exotic dancer, Samantha (Sandrine Bisson).
Police sources said a size 28 centimeter shoe print found in the house in Setagaya Ward where four family members were found dead suggests a suspect was wearing a pair of the shoes, for which British Slazenger has an exclusive manufacturing contract with a South Korean company.
A THUG left his shoe print on the face of his former partner in a brutal drink and cocaine-fuelled attack, a court heard yesterday.
She claimed that: n A shoe print found at the scene did not match her son's shoes.
A shoe print found on a railing next to the wall of the tiger grotto is being checked against the shoes worn by the three friends.
For shoe print analysis, we provided one pair of shoes known to belong to each suspect and the victim for comparison.
He left a shoe print behind and had the laptop with him when he was arrested the next day outside a pub.