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Innovation is likely to intensify among engine technology & alternative fuels factors to impact more on the growth of Automotive Gas Charged Shock Absorbers Market.
"Powerdown supports the venture with over 33 years of experience and technical knowledge in the shock absorber industry, an established OEM and aftermarket distribution network, a foot print into new markets and an increasing overseas clientele base.
Using of the proposed designs of the adaptive shock absorbers and the elastic elements will allow the following:
A longitudinal vibration model coupling the testing tube and shock absorber was used by Huang [21] to investigate the effects of perforation parameters on the dynamic behaviors of oil tube and packer.
The Shock Latch will provide hydraulic shock absorbers with the necessary protection to prevent wear and tear.
The sealing of monotube shock absorbers, which are primarily used in sports cars and sport utility vehicles, is said to be especially demanding.
For the investigation and modelling of the heat transfer to the atmosphere and temperature distribution in the shock absorbers' of different constructions, these shock absorbers were chosen: "Bilstein MDS860" coil-over monotube shock absorber which is meant for formula class cars, and short stroke sports type twin-tube "Sachs S27" shock absorber.
* The 2-stage speed controllers last 3 times longer than a system equipped with conventional shock absorbers and requires less maintenance.
The existing hydraulic shock absorbers are usually implementing a performance, consisting of digression and regression areas, that is due to the throttle and the throttle-valve modes of operation.
Page 46 in PS 734 (Jan 14) said that the HIMARS shock absorbers should be replaced as part of the biannual services.
"The company intends to manufacture shock absorbers for trains and other rail vehicles, and trucks and other heavy vehicles.
The formation of the shock absorber venture with KYB constitutes part of the program as it is expected to lead to a cut in development costs for new products and speed up the development process, they added.