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Those players who are less likely to sign a subsequent contract have a greater level of shirking throughout the contract period.
11) The economic meaning of the two categories--the employed but shirking and the unemployed-is identical in the model: the person does not produce anything.
2002) found no evidence of shirking on a player's subsequent durability.
To establish whether individual shirking has occurred in professional sports would require some information about the specific contract and an observation of a drop-off in performance (an inefficient outcome) that might be attributed to actions by the player not in the best interests of the owner.
Yet, Uslaner moves beyond contemporary analyses of shirking by estimating a multiple-equation model of roll-call behavior, and he also exploits some additional sources, including a CBS poll of Senate incumbents.
In reading this paper, I was curious to know whether there was a simple mapping between its shirking interpretation and the specific capital basis of other work.
Actions by players that may be considered shirking stem from multiple sources.
In the absence of unemployment, a worker caught shirking and subsequently fired could obtain a new job at the market wage without difficulty.
To maintain simplicity, it is assumed that, at any particular time, a worker either works or shirks and that a shirking worker produces nothing.
Before that law, states had been shirking their responsibilities so that about a million disabled kids were receiving no education at all, let alone a segregated, inferior one.
Now that they have been caught in non-compliance, it is disturbing that the State is indignantly shirking its responsibility to protect shoreline environments, and insisting on a bond that the homeowners can never afford to pay," said Berman.