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He presented unpublished results from one aspect of the trial: a cross-sectional analysis of 273 nurses divided into one of three groups: 64 diurnal workers (DW), 111 active night shift workers (aNW), and 98 prior night shift workers (pNW).
After stratifying the participants by location, Ma found that an increased risk of breast cancer was only found among female night shift workers in North America and Europe.
With USB chargers, wifi, valuables storage - and stewards to ensure you don't sleep through your stop - it's aimed at stop-outs and tired shift workers.
Information for shift workers regarding how to improve their sleep and reduce their risk for drowsy driving also is available online (http://www.
Dr Cliodhna Foley-Nolan, director of human health and nutrition with Safefood, said: "It's clear we need to support younger and newer shift workers to enable them to adapt to their hours.
The findings - published in the Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences - may help explain why shift workers, whose body clocks are routinely disrupted, are more prone to health problems including infections and chronic disease.
This research has clear implications for shift workers with odd schedules, but probably extends to many of us who keep schedules that differ greatly from day to day, especially from weekdays to weekends.
So this study was carried out to assess and compare various neuropsychological tests and the ERP changes between shift workers and day workers.
At some point, the wheels came off, and these dining cars put down roots, when they gained popularity outside the neighborhoods where factories disgorged shift workers to fill the booths.
Shift workers are taking drugs to help them stay awake or get to sleep despite weak evidence for their benefit, according to a new Cochrane review.
Last week, the finance ministry issued instructions to include shift workers (paid per hour), employed by the public sector, in the new timetable.
Tenders are invited for workers on the island of ireland and to identify the barriers and motivators to a healthier investigate the eating habits of shift workers on the ioi to describe the behaviours of shift workers on the ioi in relation to healthy eating and physical activity to explore the barriers and facilitators for healthy eating in shift workers from a range of shift working schedules to develop recommendations to help shift workers on the island of ireland lead a healthier lifestyle and consequently help safefood target communications messages to this subgroup of the population.