shell corporation

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Shell corporation

An incorporated company with no significant assets or operations, often formed to obtain financing before beginning actual business, or as a front tax evasion.

Shell Corporation

A company that exists as a vehicle for transactions without any independent activities or assets. Shell corporations are formed sometimes to obtain financing before they begin operations, or after a bankruptcy and business has ceased. They are also used in tax avoidance and tax evasion schemes: for example, companies may set up shell subsidiaries in tax havens and hide profits in them. See also: Reverse acquisition.

shell corporation

A corporation that has no active business operations and few or no assets.
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Historically shell corporations have not enjoyed a high degree of popularity with the SEC.
For example, the form for a Pinochet shell corporation stated that the owner's name is "Kept in Vault.
Stocker in creating numerous shell corporations, one of which was eventually sold and became TrendSetter.
This is a problem facilitated by a global shadow financial system comprised of tax havens, anonymous shell corporations, and trade based money laundering techniques.
Enron treated its affiliates essentially as shell corporations under a single corporate umbrella.
The Government's evidence showed That from 1994 through 1999 Mikutowicz, the owner of AGM Marine, aided by Tower Executive Resources of Colorado, used shell corporations to divert US$1.
Burn corporations are shell corporations created using fictitious names and addresses for the purpose of disrupting a paper (or electronic) trail that would identify the beneficiary of an illicit financial transaction.
In the early 1990s, because he was less than satisfied with the way the business was being run, but could not get the company to redeem him nor outside buyers to acquire his 27% interest in the company, he decided to sell his stock to two shell corporations he owned.
This definition would apply to a tenant whose net worth is between five and 10 times their annual rent obligation - no shell corporations.
CIS also has an investment banking group which focuses on merger and acquisition services, private placements convertible into publicly traded shares, and private placements bridging to public offerings through reverse mergers into publicly traded shell corporations.
The files contain information on over 120,000 offshore entities a including shell corporations and legal structures known as trusts a involving people in over 170 countries.
WASHINGTON, March 3 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Victor Kaganov, who emigrated from Russia and set up numerous shell corporations in Oregon on behalf of Russian clients, was arrested today on charges of operating an unlicensed money transmitting business, announced Assistant Attorney General Lanny A.