shell corporation

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Shell corporation

An incorporated company with no significant assets or operations, often formed to obtain financing before beginning actual business, or as a front tax evasion.

Shell Corporation

A company that exists as a vehicle for transactions without any independent activities or assets. Shell corporations are formed sometimes to obtain financing before they begin operations, or after a bankruptcy and business has ceased. They are also used in tax avoidance and tax evasion schemes: for example, companies may set up shell subsidiaries in tax havens and hide profits in them. See also: Reverse acquisition.

shell corporation

A corporation that has no active business operations and few or no assets.
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Starting a shell corporation in this country can be easier than getting a library card, said Whitehouse.
Romney's tax returns reveal offshore accounts, shell corporations, complex strategies allowing elites to reduce tax obligations - and expose need for tax reform
Historically shell corporations have not enjoyed a high degree of popularity with the SEC.
The bank opened an account for him personally, helped him establish two offshore shell corporations in the Bahamas called Ashburton and Althorp, and then opened more accounts in the name of those shell corporations both here and in the UK [Britain]," Levin said.
Helped Pinochet set up offshore shell corporations and open accounts in the names of those corporations to disguise his control of the accounts;
2003-6 holds that "an ESOP is not established until it is adopted by an employer for the purpose of enabling its employees to participate in a more than insubstantial manner in the ownership of the employer's business and to provide its employees with more than insubstantial benefits under the ESOR" Hence, ESOPs of shell corporations do not qualify.
The nominal officers, trustees and shareholders of these shell corporations are themselves shell corporations controlled by the PB.
Some diocesan attorneys are even advising Catholic schools and charities to divide assets among shell corporations to protect against claimants.
What attracted me to this stow, more than the Kimeses' characters, was the whole phenomenon of shell corporations, credit card fraud, identity theft--all things that have entered our lives in the past several years but which people haven't been paying much attention to, although September 11 may have changed that.
Now that TS&B's stock is on the rise, it is a acquiring companies and following an audacious business model featuring shell corporations and reverse mergers.
They frequently use shell corporations and offshore banks at this stage because of the difficulty in obtaining information to identify ownership interests and acquiring necessary account information from them.
NHQ alleges that the company's recent sale of 12 Florida facilities created shell corporations to avoid lawsuits, increase profits, and circumvent regulatory statutes.