shelf registration

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Shelf registration

A procedure that allows firms to file one registration statement covering several issues of the same security. SEC Rule 415, adopted in the 1980s, allows a corporation to comply with registration requirements up to two years prior to a public offering of securities. With the registration "on the shelf," the corporation, by simply updating regularly filed annual, quarterly, and related reports to the SEC, can go to the market as conditions become favorable with a minimum of administrative preparation and expense.

Shelf Registration

A method the SEC uses to allow a publicly-traded company to register several new issues of stock and actually offer them at any time over a two-year period, subject to compliance with other appropriate regulations. These offerings are covered by a single prospectus, but may be offered to the public in different tranches. See also: Rule 415.

shelf registration

A simplified method of registering securities that permits corporations to file a relatively uncomplicated registration form with the SEC and, during the subsequent two years, issue the securities. Shelf registration is supposed to provide more flexibility for corporations when they are raising funds in the capital markets. Shelf registration is permitted by SEC Rule 415.
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In May 2006, HCC filed a universal shelf registration replacing its previously filed shelf registrations, which had $375 million of unused capacity.
The majority were modifying their existing shelf registrations to comply with the regulation rather than creating a new shelf registration.
The expanded reporting requirements affect new shelf registration, static pool information, and disclosures.
After they are declared effective by the SEC, these shelf registrations will enable PNM Resources and PNM to obtain up to $500 million each in new capital through the issue of additional stock, corporate debt or securities comprised of both debt and equity at unspecified future dates and on terms to be established.
Although we have no specific plans to issue additional securities at this time, the two $500 million shelf registrations are intended to enhance our ability to move quickly to access the capital markets when required, subject to appropriate market conditions," Loyack said.
There were 36 shelf registrations by biotech companies in 2001 - nearly half of them occurring in the fourth quarter.
36 biotech companies filed a shelf registration last year; that number may rise dramatically this year, as many investment bankers and
Biotech companies are being urged to consider filing a shelf registration in a down market to take advantage of expected future market windows for equity takedowns, according to Joseph A.
14, 1997 the Securities and Exchange Commission declared effective two shelf registrations permitting the issuance of up to $250,000,000 of securities.
Our 1996 placements of equity and convertible debentures from our previous shelf registration provided us $125 million of capital.
The total available under the company's universal shelf registrations will be $300 million, after combining this filing with the remaining $150 million available under the company's existing shelf registration statement.
NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 9, 1996--ASARCO Incorporated (NYSE:AR) today announced it has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission a universal shelf registration statement covering the issuance of up to $150 million in equity and debt securities.