stockholder of record

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Stockholder of record

Stockholder whose name is registered on the books of a corporation and thus will receive dividends from the corporation.

Stockholder of Record

The person or company whose name is listed on a stock certificate. The stockholder of record is the legally recognized owner of the share in the publicly-traded company represented on the stock certificate. He/she/it is recognized as the stockholder of record as of the record date, that is, the date the share was bought.

stockholder of record

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625 per depositary share on the fixed-to-floating rate non-cumulative preferred stock, Series M, is payable on November 16 to shareholders of record as of October 31.
00 per depositary share on the Fixed-to-Floating Rate Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series K, is payable on January 30, 2014 to shareholders of record as of January 15, 2014.
25556 per depositary share on the floating rate non-cumulative preferred stock, series 4 will be paid on 28 August to shareholders of record as of 15 August 2014; and a dividend of USD0.